Classes in the Empire

Natural Philosophers, Tinkerers, Mad Men, Inventors. Alchemists may come from a variety of backgrounds and use their myriad powers for wildly different goals, they all share one thing in common, vast intelligence and a love for discovery.

Tribesmen, Back alley brawlers. Barbarians are truly rare among the empire these days, and more frequent amongst their enemies if anything.

Poets, Actors, Authors, Wanderers, Bards are how news and great stories travel in the empire. Always in the thick of whatever conflict is the most dramatic, Bards tell the tales and inspire their audiences to great feats.

Having had to adapt their Order’s to an changing landscape, Many cavaliers have become Musketmen, while others hold onto to their mounted ways and become dragoons, something they share is their military lifestyle and need for a patron, so almost all Cavaliers come from the military.

There are only two gods recognized by the Church of the Empire, and they are the great duality. The Goddesses are as inseparable as they are different, Life and Death, War and Peace, Law and Chaos, no one knows their individual names only that they are the holy Duality, representative of all things in the world. The evil that lives at the hearts of mortals is the separation and imbalance of what the Goddesses stand for, and it is these sins that spawn demons and evil in the world. The cleric’s of the Empire (almost) universally worship the Duality, though each in their own way, each convent, monastery, and temple finding their own path closer to the Goddesses.

Almost completely absent in the thick of the Empire, Druids, much like Barbarians, have fled to the edges, seeking their solace in the green expanses. In touch with natural flow of magic in the world, some enterprising mages have sought out their expertise in understanding the properties of the Heka Trees.

The marching men behind the empires engine of war, these men and women are found everywhere in the empire, from its borders wars and expansion efforts to keeping the peace in its great cities or just seeking solace from the endless wars.

Men of action, The gunslinger has come into in prominence in recent years through the advancement of its governing technology. Like the other martial classes, Gunslingers are at home in ranks of the military as much as they are in the back alleys of the great cities, though the Gunslingers appetites are expensive, so they usually find themselves with some military experience.

Much like the paladin, the inquisitor finds itself on a downward slope these days, but that only hardens the remaining few. Unlike the paladin though, the inquisitor seeks the evil that lurks at the heart of civilization, seeking to oust the demons that corrupt politicians, bishops, mages, and merchants alike, taking no heed of the social order in place. Unwelcome wherever they go, the Inquisitors life is a lonely one.

Extremely Rare
Virtually unheard of amongst the western empires, these reclusive individuals are truly foreign even to the Hobgoblins. Living solitary lives among the other classes, a monk in the Empire may never see another of his class or kin in his lifetime if he’s visited from such far off lands.

Fairly unchanged from the early days of their existence, Oracles still find themselves in any social strata, and are immediately taken to the church, where they can learn the churches canon on the Dual Goddesses. The further from the church the Oracles get though, the more strange their teachings and practices become, each viewing the Goddesses through their specific lens.

Becoming increasingly less common due to the resurgence of secular thinking with alchemists and the self fashioned “Natural Philosophers”, Paladins are finding their talents to root out evil and help those in need are better suited to the fringes and outskirts of the empire, where they can smite with impunity and no longer fear the social ramifications of their actions.

Strangely untouched since olden times, the Ranger remains the wild guides at the edge of civilization, straddling a strange place somewhere between civilized guide and wild barbarian. Employed often by the Empires armies, the rangers are sometimes elite vanguards within it as well. Explorers guilds have cropped in the empire, modernizing (and monetizing) the profession greatly.

as common as ever, and truly thriving the metropolitan cities of the empire, the Rogue has found its home. Virtually untouched, but in much greater abundance, the rogue’s tools are that’s changed, using a pistol where a crossbow was once home, or a black powder bomb where Molotov might have been used before it.

Born of random happenstance, the Sorcerer is becoming more and more rare in the heart of the empire and increasingly common at the edges, which is driving some scholars to question what exactly drives the spontaneous discovery of the sorcerer’s power.

Rare (Uncommon for the Clockwork variant)
Summoner’s, much like Sorcerer’s, have become increasingly rare in the empire, where the creation and summoning of their Eidolon’s doesn’t quite fit into the canon of the church. A similar practice has cropped up amongst tinkerer’s and builders in the empire. Known as the Clockwork Summoner, their contraptions of whirring gears and belching steam are surprisingly compact when not in use.
New Archetype, Clockwork Summoner

The Witch has a had a hard life, which has only gotten harder in recent years thanks to increasingly cramped quarters the witch has to put up with to be in the cities of the empire. Some of have taken to the wilds of the fringes for their peace, but some have entrenched themselves deeper into the cities, hiding among the commoners as a herbalists or chirurgeons, making their dark rites and pacts behind closed doors and veiled basements. The witch is at natural odds with the church, their dark blessing’s not within the canon of the faith, so the inquisitors hunt the witches with great fervor.

Almost solely the position of privilege amongst the upper classes of the Gentile society, the Wizards know they are better than other people, seeing as how their knowledge of the universe and greater position within it. Not all wizards come from the Elven race, but a great many of them are going to the scholarly pursuit of wizardry as a means to political power amongst their peers.

Classes in the Empire

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